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Tatum Fitzmaurice Named Player of the Week!
September 26, 2016 - Elite Hockey AAA is excited to name...
Elite AAA Fights ALD
This weekend, the Elite Hockey AAA Organization will be fundraising...
Elite Hockey AAA Coaches Spotlight!
  July 22, 2016-   Elite Hockey AAA’s Bantam Minor Head...
About the AYHL
About the AYHL The Atlantic Youth Hockey League is a Tier I travel...
Tatum Fitzmaurice Named Player of the Week!

September 26, 2016 - Elite Hockey AAA is excited to name Tatum Fitzmaurice from the 2003-Bantam Minor Elite Hockey team as the player of the week.  Tatum had a tremendous weekend playing both forward and defense for Coach Schoeneberger’s '03 Bantams.  Tatum registered 2 goals and 5 assists and was a key contributor to the team’s 5-1 win over the CT Oilers on Sunday

Tatum had this to say about his weekend: “I've been playing both defense and forward this season and I think it's giving me great perspective, but really I also think it's been a team effort. It's been really great playing under coach Alden for nearly 6 years now. A goal I have for this season is to establish myself as a more physical player and an offensive defenseman.”

Elite Hockey would once again like to congratulate Tatum and the '03 Bantam Minors on a solid weekend.  Keep up the good work!


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by EHA posted 09/26/2016
Elite AAA Fights ALD

This weekend, the Elite Hockey AAA Organization will be fundraising with a cause. In effort to give back to the community, members of our teams will be volunteering at the Hammerfest Triathlon. The charity supported by this event is Brian’s Hope. The event will be held on September 18th at The Owenego Beach and Tennis Club. Be sure to arrive early due to the fact that roads will be closing for the race. We are happy to have our organization be a part of this event and hope that many will join us.


Brian’s Hope has one dream and three goals.


One Dream:  Stopping the Progression of ALD:  Our hope is that we will someday be able to keep every child, with the potential for developing adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD), well.


Three Goals:


Public awareness helps in so many ways. We hope to improve information and resources for parents, families and health care providers; to increase public support; and to catch and hold the attention of legislators. There is no doubt that information is a powerful tool.



The genetic marker has been identified, and screening is available. By making this test part of the recommended universal screening panel for newborns, we can identify any child with the potential for developing ALD so he can get the treatment he needs to stay well.



Brian’s Hope is funding a study being conducted at the Kennedy Krieger Institute, a center of excellence for ALD, to pursue an exciting, multi-stage research project targeting ALD.

Please visit Brian’s Hope website to find out more about Brian, his family, and their tireless efforts:  http://brianshope.org/

Connecticut becomes second state to implement ALD screening in newborns: Read More: http://www.nhregister.com/health/20160824/connecticut-becomes-second-state-to-implement-ald-screening-in-newborns 


Hope to see you on Sunday.




by jpwithington posted 09/14/2016


Registration for Mite ADM for the 2016-2017 season is now AVAILABLE!

ELITE HOCKEY AAA in conjunction with East Haven Youth Hockey and USA Hockey will be offering Mite Development this upcoming season!

Mites will continue playing half or cross ice with a focus and emphasis on skill development!

The Mite ADM will have two ice slots per week from October to February. The Mite Development program will be directed by Peter Alden and the Coaching staff will be drawn from regular Elite Hockey AA coaching staff. All ice sessions will be held at East Haven Ice Rink in East Haven, CT.

QUESTIONS? Contact Peter Alden: Palden@EliteHockeyAAA.com 

by posted 08/10/2016
Elite Hockey AAA Coaches Spotlight!


July 22, 2016-


Elite Hockey AAA’s Bantam Minor Head Coach, Ben Schoeneberger is everything and more when it comes to being an excellent tier 1 hockey coach. Ben has a passion for the game, has a natural knack for teaching and has instilled the values he has learned throughout his hockey career in every player he interacts with. Ben has recently been selected as an on-ice skills coach for the 2016 USA New Development Camps and plays a vital role in the skill development for the Elite Hockey AAA & Elite Hockey Program at Cheshire Academy.

The Elite Hockey AAA program is excited to share with you a little more information on Ben Schoeneberger in the Elite Hockey “Coaches Spotlight.”


What led you to become a coach?

Hockey is the best game on earth. I was fortunate enough to have a great family and support staff that allowed me to live my dream of constantly being around the game. My entire life my mom told me that I'd be a great teacher of the game and that stuck with me. There was never any question that I would be a coach following my playing days. 

What is the best thing about being a coach?
 The best thing about being a coach is the sheer joy you see on a young hockey players face. When something clicks with a kid or the light pops on and you are just taken back for a second. Hockey is a simple game. The more you complicate the game of hockey the more complicated the game becomes. Seeing a young player understand what you are teaching them is the best sign that you are doing your job. You can teach kids all day long but until they understand and comprehend what you are explaining them, you have not done your job. 

What has been the biggest influence in your career?
I've been asked this question more than once. It is a difficult question. My dad, mom, sisters, grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, friends, enemies, coaches, teammates. I truly believe that my greatest influence in the game of hockey has been everyone that I've gotten to know and come across playing this awesome game. It's impossible to say one person. The old saying goes, "it takes a village to raise a child", well it takes a collective of hockey minds, to raise a hockey player. 

Describe some of your most important career accomplishments:

Winning a federal hockey league championship was a very significant day in my hockey career. My four years at Castleton (class of 2013) were extremely special. In my junior year at Castleton, we lost 4 games, I was lucky enough to be on a power play with two All- Americans that dished me the puck and lead the entire country in power play goals along with having the best power play percentage in the country. I would have to say that was the most fun we ever had playing hockey. 

Do you have any advice to offer parents?

 My advice for parents. This is hard because I'm not a parent. But I can assure you, that most of the time you do more hurt than help. Let your kids play, let them learn. Chances are they will be better off. Hockey prepares you for life. I learned way more dealing with my own issues than I ever did when my parents were there to defend me (not that they ever had to, they instilled good values and choices in my every day decisions from day 1).

What motivates you?

 I want to be the best every day. Accomplish something every day, do something every day. That's what motivates me. I believe there could be so many more great people in our world. Our world has lost the go-getter mentality. We need more of that. 

What are your 2016-2017 goals?
My goals for 2016/2017 are to make the lives around me better. Whether it be my 03 elite boys, a friend, or someone I don't even know. I'm going to make it a goal to talk to one person a day that I don't know, and make sure that every day I know one more person! 

What does the future hold for you - any exciting plans, developments?

The future is bright! It's my first year as a head hockey coach! I'm beyond excited to see what the hockey gods have in store for me. 

How do you define success?

In my opinion success is defined as the things you learn from a normal every day situation. Being successful is taking something out of everything. Success is not an overnight thing, it's a lifelong thing. 


by posted 07/22/2016
About the AYHL

About the AYHL

The Atlantic Youth Hockey League is a Tier I travel league comprised of teams from the Atlantic, Southeast, New York and New England districts. The league has over 100 teams that come from New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maryland and Virginia. It is the league’s mission to develop these young players and move them on to the next phase of their playing careers. The divisions begin at the Squirt level and proceed all the way through the Midgets. The Squirt, PeeWee and Bantam levels all have a Minor and Major component and players typically spend two seasons at a level before moving to the next level. The Major teams are typically the older team, comprised mostly of players playing in their second year at the level. The Midget level is broken up into 16U American, 16U National and 18U.

Tier I Youth teams have a large workload when it comes to their playing commitment. There are more practices, games and tournaments and generally, more traveling done, than with organizations playing at the Tier II or Recreational levels.

At the end of the regular season, all eligible teams will compete for the AYHL Championship at their respective level.

For more information please visit: http://atlantichockey.org/ayhl.php

by posted 03/07/2016
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